Cantina Tombacco Aglianico – Campania 2021 (12 Bottles) Campania, Italy

$280.00 GST Included


A deep red color with purple hues, introduces the Aglianico as a decisive wine, with a complex aroma full of notes of red fruits and spices. The taste is intense, full and enveloping, perfect to combine with rich and flavourful dishes such as roasts and aged cheeses.

The flavour is excellent mouth entry, elegant and warm, sapid and fullbodied. Good length and persistence that leaves an enjoyable soft sensation and a pleasant mouth which asks for another sip. With nuances of cherry,
plum and spice.

The bouquet for this wine is clear and complex, with enjoyable hints of cherry and red berries fragrance, followed by a marked vanilla and spicy note.



About Cantina Tombacco

Our history starts way back, when Giovanni Battista Tombacco decided to follow his love for the land and to build the first farm that produced peaches. A few years later, in 1919, aware that the nature of our territory could transform the oldest vines into good wine capable of making people’s lives better, even in historically complex times, decided to transform the company’s activity into wine-making.

The Tombacco family estates are located in the heart of the Veneto region: Trebaseleghe Vineyards, 20 hectares of silty soil and a humid climate. The resulting wines are round with low levels of acidity. Roncade Vineyards, 40 hectares of clayey soil, fertile and rich in mineral salts. Ideal for full-bodied wines, with a guaranteed intensity to the flavours of the grapes. Paese Vineyards, 20 hectares of stony soil, with positive effects on the alcohol content of the resulting wine.

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