Castelli Estate Silver Series Shiraz Malbec 2018 (12 Bottles) Great Southern, WA

by Oatley Fine Wine Merchants

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Single vineyard and vintage expression provides a wonderful balance between elegance and power. The wine displays delightful almond and frangipani aromas, courtesy of its extended time on lees. White peach and citrus peel core underlay the tightness of structure, typical of cool climate viticulture. A creamy mouthfeel and persistent bead is achieved with lots of patience. The weight and complexity of this wine would work for anything from poultry, creamy pasta or risotto.

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About Castelli Estate

The Castelli name is rich with Italian heritage, beginning back in the quaint country village of San Giorgio a Liri, in Italy’s Lazio region – the birthplace of the Castelli family.

Predominantly a farming village, Sam grew up in a time and place where everything was grown off the land, and food and wine were local, handmade and bursting with flavour and tradition. In Italy, wines are made to share and enjoy. In Italy, we savour a glass with every meal and bring a bottle to every occasion.

Whether you are visiting our Urban Cellar Door in Perth, or taking in the sights and tastes of the idyllic Castelli Estate winery on the slopes of Mt Shadforth in Denmark, we invite you to share and enjoy our range of handcrafted, award-winning wines.

Putting his farming knowledge to use, Sam planted a small vineyard in his hometown and began making wine for their household in the traditional way; by hand from start to finish where the method of maceration is ‘grape-stomping’ – by foot. All local grape growers make their own wine for their household, and once a year in San Giorgio a Liri, there is a festival where locals buy a glass, hang it around their necks and spend the day visiting all the other growers to taste their homemade wines. With this as the backdrop to his early years, you could say that wine was in his blood…

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