Catherine Vale Vineyard Chardonnay 2017 Dozen (12 Bottles)

by Catherine Vale Wines in Hunter Valley, NSW

$236.00 GST Included


This 2017 Catherine Vale Chardonnay is in the traditional style of our “Flagship Wine” with a creamy, buttery finish.

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Catherine ale Chardonnays have always been known as our “flagship” wine.  It is made with great attention to detail and offered in a style unique to our vineyard.

The grapes are carefully hand picked and checked for quality at the bins prior to transportation to the winery.  The juice is fermented in stainless steel vats and then some is put in barrels for fermentation .  Presently French oak is used – Prior to 2010  American Oak barrels were used.

Chardonnay is the one variety that can produce quality wines in almost every grape growing region  in Australia.  In the Hunter Valley it takes on the characteristic of the variety and assisted by oak storage makes for a great wine.

Catherine Vale Wines in Hunter Valley, NSW

Catherine Vale is located in the Hunter Valley near the town of Broke. The property is spectacularly located in the lee of the Hunter Range and borders Yengo National Park which forms the backdrop of the Cellar door. One hundred and eighty degree views including “Yellow Rock” impress most visitors to Catherine Vale.