Goundrey Homestead Cabernet Merlot 2021 (12 Bottles) Great Southern, WA

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Intriguingly deep ruby red, adorned with a regal purple shimmer, our wine unveils a tapestry of luscious blackberry fragrances intertwined with subtle whispers of dark cherry and plum, enhanced by an underlying hint of savory spice. Upon the palate, a symphony of flavors unfolds, where succulent red currant, blackcurrant, and plum harmonize, delicately balanced by a nuanced touch of vine leaf.

The judicious incorporation of French oak imparts further intricacy, culminating in a wine of exquisite refinement and a gratifyingly enduring finish.

Crafted from select vineyards nestled in the Southern expanses of Western Australia, Goundrey Homestead wines epitomize full-bodied richness, offering a sensorial journey of unparalleled length and enjoyment.

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About Goundrey Wines

The Goundrey vineyards are located within the South West corner of Western Australia. Here, the vines produce a range of different styles including red wines with rich deep flavours and vibrant white wines with acrisp racy edge

Stretching over 200 kilometers along the South-West coast and reaching 100 kilometers into the hinterland, this expansive region boasts diverse climates.

From the coastal maritime subregions of Albany and Denmark to the inland continental subregions of Mt Barker, Porongurup, and Frankland River, the range of climates creates an ideal environment for vineyards.

In this picturesque landscape, superb wines, including Cabernet, Shiraz, Riesling, and Chardonnay, flourish, making it a haven for wine enthusiasts.

Accolade Wines Australia

Accolade Wines traces its beginning to Thomas Hardy and Sons, a company founded in 1853 which grew to become Australia's largest winemaker. The company headquarters are in Adelaide, South Australia. Accolade has more than 1700 employees around the world, with operations in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, mainland Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.