Mordrelle Wines 2014 Syrah Reserva (clone 1125) ‘basket press’ (6 Bottles) Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills

by Mordrelle Wines in Hahndorf, SA

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This is single barrel wine made from grapes located in a tiny parcel of 1200 square meters. The fruit was handpicked then fermented by wild yeast and left to mature over 12 month in oak barrel. The wine evokes aromas and flavours of dark fruit and mixed spices with a great expression of terroir given by the plant interaction with its environment, the winemaker and the micro-flora.

LIMITED EDITION (300 bottles), maximum 6 bottles per person.

Enjoy it, Martin Moran (winemaker)

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Martin Moran, Winemaker, says…

“Basket press, wild ferment, handpicked,  only 300 bottles available, 9 rows of vines. It’s more singular than a single vineyard wine. Very special. “

<strong>About Mordrelle Wines</strong>

From an early age my grandfather used to take me through the vineyards at our family winery in Mendoza, Argentina. I remember walking under the green canopies in the middle of the summer and have clear images of the happiness in his smiling face when he was cuddling and lifting me at three years old. Unfortunately, that same summer, a tragic accident claimed my grandfather’s life and it was only years later, after growing up in the city, that I again became acquainted with wines and vines.

Undertaking an engineering degree in Agriculture (the second most difficult after Medicine) I specialised in viticulture and oenology, making reds, whites and sparkling wines, and the last one, trapped me the most. Destiny, fortune, or just life, brought me to Australia and I worked vintages in Langhorne Creek, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale.

From the moment I arrived I found happiness in the company of good friends, the beautiful surroundings, the great wines and I met Michelle who after three years became my wife. Inspired by my enthusiasm and passion for handcrafted wine, Michelle’s parents David and Jane became involved and helped make the first year of trial vintage become a reality. It was an affair for the whole family from the hand picking of the grapes to transporting, and of course sampling! For the special occasion of our wedding, a vibrant and fresh young sparkling wine was served to the tables and our wedding guests.

With the wedding over, life continued and the second vintage was approaching together with a baby on the way. 2011 was a tough year for everybody in the wine industry, reds were practically not picked in the Adelaide Hills and powdery mildew opened the door for botrytis to finish the job of an unexpected year for many people. Nevertheless, after searching many properties, we found exceptional grapes in the Adelaide Hills. We are pleased to say all was made and bottled in the nick of time to welcome baby Louis Martin! Martin Moran

Mordrelle Wines in Hahndorf, SA

Established in 2010 and based in Hahndorf in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Mordrelle Wines is a family owned boutique wine producer.

Winemaker Martin Moran, his wife Michelle and her family David and Jane Dreckow are proud to present our handcrafted wines: Bottle-fermented and disgorged on demand Sparkling Blanc de Blancs and Apple Ciders; Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc; Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Barbera, Tempranillo, and Rose.