Pacha Mama 2020 Riesling (12 Bottles) Central Victoria

by Winestock

$258.00 GST Included


Lifted and enticing with notes of citrus blossom and lemon zest.. 🌱 VEGAN FRIENDLY

Winemakers Comments
It is hard to write about 2020 vintage without mentioning the challenges! A dry beginning, intense early heat, followed by fears over smoke taint kept us on tenterhooks. We were so lucky this time to dodge all the bullets and the resulting low yielding fruit we harvested was in great shape to make a lovely wine.

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Pacha Mama is a name inspired by a trip to Peru and the Incan Earth Goddess herself, who brings fruit to the vine and joy to the world.

The dynamic winemaking duo behind this exciting label are Nina Stocker and Callie Jemmeson. Based in the heart of Victoria’s idyllic Yarra Valley, Nina and Callie select their favourite varietals from regions they’re passionate about.

They believe in quality grapes, small batches, low intervention and a whole lot of fun! Their aim: to product stylish, individual wines that are great value. Wines that can be the glue between friends and strangers, lovers and haters and shouldn’t be intimidating or elitist as after all everyone has different tastes!

About Wine Unplugged
Wine Unplugged is a small unconventional wine business. A creative outlet for us Callie and Nina – Winemakers, mums, foodies and friends.

After years travelling the world making wine we wanted to create a business that enabled us to have a family whilst doing what we love every day, making, drinking and celebrating good wine!

Our projects have no boundaries other than producing high quality, affordable wines without the pretence. Wines that we are proud to put on our table and share with friends and family.

“High quality, affordable wines without the pretence”

We believe that wine can be the glue between friends and strangers, lovers and haters and shouldn’t be intimidating nor elitist … after all everyone has different tastes. All that matters is if you like it!

Winemaking doesn’t have to have barriers, like making wine under the same brand, or from a single vineyard, region or even country but what it does need is quality, creativity and passion.

We have been fortunate enough to have learnt our tricks of the trade winemaking across the globe. Learning from amazing people in Alentejo, Southern Rhône, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Northern Rhône, Provence, Beaujolais, Emilia Romagna, Alsace, Barolo, Sonoma, Central Otago, Marlborough and McLaren Vale.

With Nina’s background in science and Callie’s former life as a chef we think we make a pretty mean team! But the business is by no means just us – add into the mix Anita, KK, Caroline, and Dave and we have a power house of talented, passionate and insanely hard working people behind the scenes helping this all come to life.

We hope you enjoy our wines as much as we love making them for you.

Nina and Cal xx


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