Picardy Wines Shiraz Dozen (12 Bottles)

by Picardy Wines in Pemberton, WA

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The first Picardy Shiraz was produced in 1997. An elegant, complex, rich, cool climate style wine, this variety is exceeding expectations and will continue to improve through cellaring.

Its notable features include: excellent colour, pronounced fruit flavour, low pH without high acidity and fine-grained tannins. This is a complex wine.

Dan Pannell, the winemarker, says “this wine is made using many techniques which we use in our Pinot Noir production but using Shiraz grapes, giving a wine in the style of the traditional old world Shiraz. Picardy Shiraz typically contains about 4% Malbec and  2% Viognier to give sweetness of fruit and greater complexity.”


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In the Vineyard

The Shiraz vines carry a maximum of 8 tonnes per hectare with excess fruit crop-thinned at veraison. To help reduce crop levels, this vineyard is non-irrigated and cane-pruned, like all Picardy vineyards.

A portion of the Shiraz fruit is ripened to approximately 12.5° baume to give lively perfumed characters but the majority is ripened to around 13° baume. The fruit is then handpicked and transported to the adjacent winery, on the Picardy estate.

In the Winery

In the winery, about 5% of the fruit is placed in the small overhead fermenters as whole bunch and then the remainder is destemmed and pumped into the fermenters. It is then given up to 4 days’ pre-fermentation cold maceration. The fermentation is carried out at between 28 and 32 degrees Celsius for 10 to 14 days or until the cap sinks. During fermentation the wine is hand-plunged 3 times per day.

The wine and skins are run out of the fermenter into the airbag press. The skins are then pressed firmly.

The different ferments are then blended at this stage to allow maximum integration time.

After settling, the wine is transferred into a combination of new to four year old French oak barriques and about 3% American oak. While in oak the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation, lees ageing (to add complexity and structure) and each barrel is checked and topped up every week. The Shiraz is generally racked three times during its oak maturation.

After twelve months in oak the wine is racked out of barrel to tank and then given a gentle filtration on its way to bottle.

Picardy Wines in Pemberton, WA

Picardy is one of Australia's leading premium boutique wine producers, established in 1993 in the Pemberton region of Western Australia. Picardy is owned and operated by Bill, Sandra, and Dan Pannell. Bill and Sandra were pioneers of the Margaret River region, establishing Moss Wood vineyard and winery in 1969. Moss Wood went on to be a driving force in establishing Margaret River as one of Australia's important growing regions. Picardy strives to continue this tradition of wine making quality and excellence. Dan has grown up in the wine industry and completed a Bachelors of Science (Oenology) at The University Of Adelaide.

Picardy produces Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc wines.

All wines bearing the Picardy label are entirely from our single vineyard property in Pemberton. Picardy is situated in the tranquil region of Pemberton on deep gravelly loamy soils. The region offers high altitude and close proximity to the ocean (for cooling summer breezes), thereby providing ideal conditions for cool climate wine production. In the vineyard, Picardy follows sustainable management practices. All Picardy fruit is estate grown, unirrigated, cane-pruned and handpicked.