Quealy Wines Lina Lool 2019 (6 Bottles) Mornington Peninsula

by Fine Wine Cellars

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A meld of meadow scent, honey, marzipan and a faint wisp of musk; lush and cool to smell and to taste. Generously proportioned, spice notes, almost a nut texture to balance. Excellent refreshing acidity; although golden, the wine palate displays the refinement of an amber wine. As the wine ages, musky notes transform to a creamy texture.

LOOKS LIKE… Bright yellow gold, excellent clarity
SMELLS LIKE… Cardamom, honey, the sweet meadows that our turtles love to pick through
DRINK WITH… Delicate dishes with spices, thyme and laurel; perhaps a nut curry or a fresh cheese

Blending grapes with various positive attributes can build a complex wine naturally and make the total wine far greater than the sum. In this case by weight Friulano 67%, Malvasia Istriana 15%, Riesling 8%, Moscato Giallo 5%, and Chardonnay 2%.

Aromatic varieties, Malvasia, Riesling and Moscato Giallo, are all problematic fermenters because these grapes offer poor nutrition to yeast and the end aroma can be marred by a stinky fermentation. We co-ferment the aromatic varieties with Friulano so that the Friulano offers the yeast adequate nutrition for the entire blend. Add to this the ingress of oxygen through the terra cotta anfora and wide open top, and the ferment moves in a positive direction creating aroma, texture and vitality.

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This Pinot Noir vineyard was established by Doctors Campbell and Christine Penfold in 1994. In the 90s, new premium clones became available – slightly bigger, looser bunches that controlled vine vigour and ripened to effusive dark crimsons, indicating a great volume of tannin. The greatness of their vineyard stems from the clonal selection of MV6, 114 and 115 with the confluence of shallow, clay-rich soils in the warmer sub region of Balnarring.

Campbell & Christine Penfold’s vineyard is located on the coastal plain, 30 metres elevation behind Balnarring Village. The vineyard maturity is evident in the profound flavour of the wine. The soil is duplex; the top soil is a mixture of alluvial clay and the red soils washed down from the Red Hill above. This upper zone is quite shallow; underneath is a less permeable clay now broached by the roots of the mature vines. Irrigation is no longer or rarely necessary.

The vines are pruned to a single arch, minimizing vigour, reducing canopy size and forcing the grapes to ripen. The style of wine is very concentrated, masculine and satisfying for a Pinot Noir drinker.

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