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Monceau is a low-alcohol alternative to wine, born out of a passion for low intervention, natural ferments. It elevates the flavour profile of kombucha to the level of natural wine, craft beer and cider, creating a sophisticated, complex drinking experience. With alcohol levels only slightly above 1%, Monceau Pét Nat Kombucha is the kind of drink you want to share with friends and family over dinner.

Utilising an ancestral method borrowed from pétillant naturel winemaking, Monceau undergoes two fermentations. The second fermentation, in-bottle, creates natural carbonation and ever-evolving flavour profiles.

Monceau was borne out of a passion for low intervention, natural fermentations. Using no sweeteners, artificial carbonation or preservatives, we brew in an ancestral method, naturally fermenting and carbonating to create unique, ever-changing flavour profiles, and alcohol levels above 1%​ Pét-nat has been the fizzy darling of the natural wine world for the last few years.

And kombucha (a fermented tea) is a long-time favourite among health buffs. Monceau combined the two beverages – along with juice from Australian apples and blood oranges – to create a new, low-alcohol hybrid in two flavours. With pétillant-naturel (which means “natural sparkling”), the fermentation is interrupted and the drink is bottled – and then continues to ferment in the bottle. Monceau uses the same method to double-ferment its kombucha.

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