Pier 10 Wine
10 Shoreham Road, Shoreham, Victoria, 3916

Meet the Bakers

They say find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, that’s the reality for the Pier 10 crew – the amazing team and fantastic customers are the real driving force. The great view is just a bonus.

Once a hobby vineyard for Sue and Eric, Pier 10 has blossomed into a bustling winery, restaurant and cellar door. Since planting in 1996, the vineyard has passed to the next generation of Bakers’ and is far from a casual weekender. 2002 saw the opening of the Cellar Door, closely followed by the restaurant in 2004.

Eric’s sons, Stuart and Scott, have since taken on his legacy and work together to run Pier 10.

Stuart has owned and operated the restaurant since the start of 2007 and creates the relaxed dining experience in the restaurant. Most notably managing The Point at Albert Park, Stuart brings with him an array of expertise from his many years in restaurants and hotels across Melbourne and overseas. Stuart met his now wife, Renee, at Pier 10 in 2006. Yet another Baker working behind the scenes when not busy with the two littlest of the Baker clan.

More recently Scott and his partner Cath have taken over the Vineyard and Cellar Door operations.

The Shoreham Vineyard and Cellar Door is our home and we want to welcome everyone in with open arms. Whether you’re from near or far, we want you to have an authentic Mornington Peninsula experience.

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