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Kimbolton Wines – Hippest Cellar door in Langhorne Creek, SA

I am sure you’ll agree that Brad and Nicole and the team at Kimbolton Wines have built an amazing visual experience for you to taste world class wine in.

Pop one of Kimboton Wines’ bottles open and enjoy wine the way you want to enjoy it. Taste it with your eyes first, if you like. We’ll top up your glass wherever you roam and have you feeling right at home. And no need to swill, swish, or smell your wine, either.

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A Family-Owned, Family-Run Cellar Door

Kimbolton Wines is a family-owned, family-run cellar door offering wine made by people who love drinking our product as much as we enjoy making it.  Bringing together Nicole’s fun spirit with Brad’s unwavering attention to detail, each Kimbolton vintage is the culmination of thoughtful, hard-earned process—one we invite you to explore with us. 

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Try a ‘Visual Tasting

More importantly, the good people at Kimbolton Wines genuinely want you to enjoy wine as much as they do. No pretense or highbrow stuffiness. Just good wine and good, good people. 

Kimbolton Wines are proud to be the first winery in Australia, perhaps the world, to offer curated ‘visual’ tastings, designed to introduce you to each of our wines and flavour profiles. They’re informative, fun, and beautifully produced. Most importantly, they take out the guesswork and pretending, so that all that’s left to do is enjoy the wine you hold in your hands. 

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Relax overlooking the Vineyard

I am sure you’ll agree, Kimbolton Wines offer a sophisticated yet relaxed cellar door to enjoy a hip filled wine tasting session with family and friends. Langhorne Creek is a must do on your next cellar door tasting trip and be sure to put Kimbolton Wines at the top of your bucket list.

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