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Stunning Bio Dynamic Certified Rippon Vineyard in Lake Wanaka, Central Otago

Rarely do you find someone as dedicated to their trade as Nicks Mills, winemaker at Bio Dynamic Certified Rippon Vineyard. As you watch this video, you’ll be blown away by the draw dropping in Lake Wanaka scenery surrounding Rippon Vineyard in the Central Otago wine district.

Dedication to Preservation for Future Generations
Many people talk about it yet the Mills family practice the daily ritual of tending to their winery to leave it to their next family generation better than what they found it. And that is truly inspiring. Nick Mills, the winemaker, was raised on the shores of Lake Wanaka at Rippon Vineyard, arguably one of the most beautiful locations for a Bio Dynamic Certified vineyard anywhere in the world. Certified with Demeter re He creates organic wines that follow biodynamic principles.

True Artisanal Winegrowers
100 plus years on the land, family owned and run, five generations, organic since inception, bio dynamic since 2003, these are the oldest vines in the region. Yes, the pioneers of Lake Wanaka, Central Otago. The Rippon winery produces about 20 cubic tonnes of compost yearly and also produce all their Bio Dynamic preparations and tend the land by hand. True Artisanal winegrowers and custodians of their piece of land.

We love Rippon Vineyards as they are fine wine first, but always without additions, 100% natural ferments, no adjustments to must, the Pinots are unfined and unfiltered and the Whites only see a light filtration.

And to top it off, Nick cruises around in one of these. I know you want one of these. Who wouldn’t right?

Rippon Vineyard Cenral Otago

Winemaker Insights into 2020 Vintage
And we just had to include another video of the breathtaking Lake Wanaka as Nicks Mills speak about the 2020 vintage!