Rare & Fine Wines Terms & Conditions

Cellars.com.au act as an agent for a our partner UK based Rare & Fine Wine Merchant and adopt their terms of service as set out below for all wines published on shop.cellars.com.au/rare-wines/:

Delivery is only available to customers physically located in Australia.

All prices are quoted In-Bond. Prices are per Case and exclude VAT.

All prices are quoted and must be paid for in Great British Pounds to Cellars.com.au. Electronic Fund Transfer via an Australian Bank  to our account is the only payment method accepted.

All prices are quoted per 12 Bottles, 6 Magnums, 3 Double-Magnums or 24 Half-Bottles. Jeroboams, Imperiales and any other large bottles are quoted per item.

Offered subject to remaining unsold.

DP = Duty-Paid/Case ex VAT, IB = In-Bond, Each = Price per unit ex VAT.

Duty Rates : Wine = £27.00/Case, Champagne = £34.00/Case, Port = £36.00/Case.

We do not offer a full retail service as we are wholesalers. Minimum order £500.

Deliveries are charged at cost using Connoisseur International Distribution Limited based in Surrey, England. Please contact us at time of order for an introduction to the team at Connoisseur International Distribution.

Payment must be received for purchasing wine prior to any arrangement for shipping.

Our UK partner offices does not offer any storage from date of order. All wines ordered must be collected within 14 days of order. After this period (whether the wines are paid for or not) we reserve the right to charge rental and insurance, and/or transfer the wines to a separate account (which will incur R.H&D charges in addition to insurance and rental charges).

For details of current rental, R.H&D and insurance charges, please contact us. We will not release wines until these charges have been paid in full.

If any charges remain outstanding on an account we reserve the right to hold a lien on any stocks held by ourselves in that account or associated accounts. Risk and responsibility for the stock passes to the buyer upon collection by or delivery to the buyer, their agent or their warehouse.

Title to all wines shall remain with Cellars.com.au until all sums due are paid in full.

Whilst your wine is in storage with us in our Care, Custody and Control at our dedicated bonded warehouse(s), whether own warehouse(s) and/or a specialist third party bonded warehouse provider of our choosing (e.g. London City Bond), we will insure your stock for ‘All Risks’ of physical loss and/or damage, excluding cover for an Act of Terrorism, subject to insurance policy Terms & Conditions and which is commercially available and that a prudent business could be reasonably expected to purchase.

We undertake proper checking and storage of all wines in our possession. We check the condition of the wine (colour and level of the wine in the bottle) and will act in good faith when purchasing wine.

We will not be responsible for the state and condition of the wine in the bottle and also whether the wine corresponds to the qualities which might be expected from its description.

At our complete discretion, we will consider refunding the remainder of any case sold which is not drinkable and which is returned to us in the same condition that it was delivered by us including packaging.