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Wondrous Cottontail Wines in Wagga Wagga, Riverina

Tantalise your tastebuds and pleasure your palate with all the gourmet goodness of Wagga Wagga’s wondrous Cottontail Wines.

Situated 15 km to the north-east of Wagga Wagga, NSW, Cottontail Wines is a family-owned business led by the family duo Gerry and LillyMcCormick.

Cottontail Wines is a scenic dining experience in the Riverina that overlooks the vast picturesque countryside of Wagga Wagga, NSW. They offer award-winning homegrown wines, signature dishes that are prepared with fresh Riverina produce and specialised event services.

At Cottontail Wines you’ll find yourself immersed in the aroma of our signature dishes, sipping on world-class wines and absorbing the scenic Riverina landscape.

The Vineyard
10 acres of vineyards were planted in 2002 and as hoped, the nutritious and healthy soils of the Riverina worked its magic, producing an abundance of luscious quality fruits with rich, complex flavours.

Soon after the harvest in 2005, the first commercial vintage of Shiraz and Chardonnay under the Cottontails brand was launched to great acclaim in the domestic and international markets.Encouraged to expand their range, by 2017 Cottontails had created 8 distinctive varieties, each with their own unique twist on the full-bodied berry-fruit flavours for which this proud local winery is renowned.

The Restaurant

In 2016, Gerry’s daughter Lilly took the reins as restaurant manager, and alongside Gerry is a strong and popular presence in the area. Their passion for sourcing all things local brings the best of fresh Riverina produce to the table and has seen Cottontails take pride of place in the area. It is a testament to the power of nurturing a dream. A dream that embraces family, nature, and community.

Gerry McCormicks’ bold decision to establish a winery at Harefield Ridge in 2001 was the first step in an inspiring journey that has borne fruit in the form of the spectacular Cottontail Wines estate. 100 acres of undulating land provided nature’s own canvas on which to begin the dream of creating quality fruits and superior wine production.

The first seeds were planted in the form of over 170 olive trees in 2001, and it was here that the full magnitude of Gerry’s ‘big picture’ vision began to take shape. With their plump fruit and stunning foliage, these now mature olive trees provide a scenic welcome to visitors on approach to the restaurant and vineyard and offer a glimpse of the delicious wonders that await.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cottontail Wines in Wagga Wagga.