Winery FAQs

How can I register for an account?

Wineries can register an account to list wines here.

Do I need technical expertise to list wines?

No. The team at will liaise with you to set up your store and upload the product information and images.

Does stock wine?

No, we do not stock any wine. We are a drop ship enablement platform. Once wine is purchased by a customer on your winery store page, it is automatically sent to you so your internal cellar door or logistics team picks, packs and ships the wine to the customer.

What about shipping?

Most wineries include shipping in the price to reduce shopping cart abandonment yet you can set up shipping zones with prices using preferred carriers at My Account.

Can I list non wine products?

We currently are not selling liqour / spirits yet do have several award winning craft beer breweries listed on the site.

Do you taste wines before listing?

No, we do not require any tastings before setting up your store on the platform. Some wineries like to send wine so our team can experience their winemaking yet it is not a pre-requiste.

What about overseas orders?

We currently do not accept e-commerce orders online from overseas customers who wish to have wine delivered outside of Australia.

Do you work with wine distributors ?

Yes, we have direct and indirect relationships with wine distributors.

Do you review and approve all products listings?

Initially, yes we do. We take the pain out of listing wines for winemakers who are typically busy running the winery and not technical. All registered users can access their account directly and make changes to products, images, prices, etc. Once the winery store is set up at, we remove the review process so you are able to make changes to your store without review.

How do I promote my wines?

Your wines are promoted across – a directory of over 3,700 wineries, wine cellars and local cellars/bottle shops. Viewership is 300,000 page views per year. We also encourage videos to be listed on your store page.