Bernabeleva Vinos de Madrid Cantocuerdas Moscatel 2012 500ml (6 Bottles) Madrid, Spain

by Fine Wine Cellars

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Sweet. Like Albillo, Moscatel de Grano Menudo (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains) was one of this area’s popular traditional varieties, yet very few vineyards remain intact.

The old texts apparently point to this region’s Moscatel and Albillo as being popular vino precioso, or court wines, during the time of Cervantes. Anyhow… Bernabeleva’s Moscatel comes from a small plot of 40-year-old vines in the deep sands of the Cantocuerdas vineyard, also home to the estate’s Albillo vines. Isart starts by refrigerating the grapes for a couple of days before allowing the natural fermentation to take off. When the balance that Marc Isart [winemaker] is looking for is achieved, the wine is pressed off into mature French demi muids for ten months and, hey presto.

It’s a delicious, wonderfully scented dessert wine with dried flower, spiced orange, and apricot kernel characters. There’s lots of cut and thrust and racy freshness and while the sweetness is there, it’s actually very delicate (only 50 grams residual). It should work well with pork dishes, smallgoods, perhaps citron tart and milder cheeses.

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It’s not easy keeping up with the stunning transformation of the Spanish wine landscape (but we’re doing our best!). Our latest discovery was recommended to us by several of our producers including Alfredo Maestro, Jonatan García Lima (Suertes del Marqués) and the great José Luis Mateo (Quinta da Muradella). So it was no surprise when the wines of this producer knocked us for six.

Bernabeleva is based in the Madrid highlands at San Martín de Valdeiglesias and produces deep, perfumed, incredibly mineral Garnacha-based reds and textured, savoury and extract rich whites. José Luis Mateo summed it up best when he said, “Of all the producers around Madrid, for me he is the best. His wines have the most finesse”. Look out for our offers on these beauties.

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