Delatite 2018 Riesling (12 Bottles) Mansfield, VIC

by Bacchus Wine Merchant



In the last 10 years Delatite has made wine as naturally as possible. We use 100% wild yeast in all Estate wines and have no enzymes or fining agents* and minimal Sulphur. This allows the wines to fully show the vineyard’s characteristics.

The grapes are grown following biodynamic principles which doesn’t allow the use of artificial inputs; encouraging greater biodiversity in the vineyard. *Fining agents are protein based compounds used to reduce the level of phenolics in the wine. Not adding them makes our wines vegan friendly.

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About Delatite

Join us for wine tasting with spectacular views in Mansfield, vintners and cheese platters, produce, preserves and cellar-door-only wines. Located in the foothills of the Victorian Alps below Mt Buller, David Ritchie and family are pleased to be able to share the landscape and vineyard experience with visitors and wine lovers alike!

Over the generations of farming at Delatite there has been a growing awareness that whatever the farming pursuit, their practices should be guided by what is the best for future generations, not by what is simply the easiest today.

In the vineyard the Delatite team follows Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic principles as they believe in growing grapes and making wine in as natural a way as possible with minimal intervention/additions. The only fertilisers used are reactive rock phosphate, fish/kelp/fulvic acid, BD 500, cow and sheep manure concentrate and compost teas. No herbicides, insecticides or systemic/curative fungicides are used – the only vine sprays are wettable sulphur, copper and Bacillus thuringiensis.

This, along with an even, relatively cool ripening period, further strengthens the varietal flavours and characteristics of all the grapes grown.

Bacchus Wine Merchant

Bacchus Wine Merchant is a well-known, respected, family-owned wine distribution company established in 2001 by Jo Newton who is still the Managing Director today.

Over the past 15 Years our tremendous growth has allowed us to expand our distribution into Queensland and Victoria. From humble beginnings, Jo ran the company from her spare bedroom in Cremorne, to now, with over 15 employees in 3 states.

Bacchus Wine Merchant prides itself on exceptional customer service and close relationships with our wineries, making Bacchus a successful and unique Distribution Company in a busy market.