Domaine Sebastien Dampt Chablis 1er Cru Les Beugnons 2022 (6 Bottles) Les Vaillons, France

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This little-known lieu-dit faces south and sits high on the slope. Sébastien’s vines here are 60 years old. The wine is made in a concrete egg, giving many of the benefits of oak-ageing without the wood character. This has a pleasing weight, as well as a creamy, rounded texture and a subtle dairy character that combines nicely with the limestone touches on the finish.



About Domaine Sebastien Dampt Wines

omaine Sébastien Dampt, a young domaine in Milly, is one of only two places where you can taste the Chablis premier cru Les Beugnons.

The soil is very chalky, a mix of clay, explains Sébastien Dampt. The wines have a reputation for being more mineral and concentrated.

Milly is just outside Chablis. Sébastien Dampt has his own domaine set up here, under the same roof as his father and his brother. Three domaines – Domaine Sébastien Dampt, Domaine Daniel Dampt and Domaine Vincent Dampt covering a total of 35 hectares

Sébastien Dampt set up his domaine in 2007 and started bottling the year after. He works six hectares, producing five different wines – Petit Chablis and Chablis, as well as three premier crus – Vaillons, Côte de Léchet and Les Beugnons.

For Les Beugnons the first vintage is 2013. Les Beugnons is a sub-climat of Vaillons. All the principal premier crus in Chablis are made up of a number of sub-climats. If all your vines for a certain wine are within the same sub-climat you have the choice of either putting the name of the sub-climat (Les Beugnons) or the name of the principal premier cru (Vaillons) on the label. If your vines are in different sub-climats within the same premier cru your only choice is the name of the latter.

– Les Beugnons is located at the extreme south of Les Vaillons, says Sébastien Dampt. It is facing almost straight south, while the rest of Vaillons is facing east and even north, as is the case with Les Lys. If you look at some of the other sub-climats in Vaillons, Sécher is drier, while Les Lys produces a wine with more freshness

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