Larry Cherubino Laissez Faire 2020 Syrah (6 Bottles) Great Southern, WA

$250.00 GST Included


A bouquet of earth, red cherries and spices with a subtle mineral/slate quality, oak providing support. Red flowery fruits flavours dominate, with subtle slate like minerality.  All framed by a light structure and fine tannins.

2020 WA Single Vineyard Wine Show – Gold Medal
2022 Halliday Wine Companion – 95 points
2021 Perth Royal Wine Show – Bronze Medal
2021 Royal Sydney Wine Show – Bronze Medal



Laissez-Faire means “let it be” and this reflects our hands off approach.

Whilst we’ve learnt from organics, bio-dynamics and natural wine practices, we’re not dictated by one school of thought. We don’t subscribe to dogma. You could call them natural wines, but we like to think of them as “post natural wines”.

We believe in healthy and sustainable vineyard practices, and a winemaking transparency with as little as possible between the vine and finished wine.

Whereas a lot of wines presented as “natural” can be sourced from chemically cultivated vines without accountability, we grow all our own grapes. Our Grenache and Syrah vines are dry grown. And whilst copper is allowed in organic viticulture, we use minimal copper treatments.

In our Laissez-Faire winemaking, there’s no added tannin, or acid, or animal fining products. There is zero sulfur used throughout the winemaking, and only a minimal amount at bottling. We’re using alternate varieties and blends to make naturally balanced wines.

From vine to bottle, the wine takes its course, hands free.

Vegan friendly.

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