Maxwell Varietal Grenache “Four Roads Old Vine” 2018 (6 Bottles)

by Wines By Cellars

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Uniquely McLaren Vale. Grenache was the backbone of the wine industry here for over a century, producing mostly fortified wines.Our old Grenache vines have grown for over 90 years on a contoured hill, and have seen tastes change from rich, sweet fortifieds to this modern, aromatic and spicy medium-bodied Grenache.

They were bush vines with their thick trunks and sprawling arms until a few years ago when they were lifted up and put on a trellis wire to keep them ripening evenly as they grow older.

The soil profile is a light loam over some clay and then deep limestone. The vines are hand pruned and hand picked for the highest quality fruit.

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The unique result of his elbow grease and ingenuity. Stubborn determination and unbending standards. Eccentricity and authenticity. The qualities of the winemaker reflect in the quality of the wine.

Because every wine that’s made by Maxwell is, indeed, Maxwell- made. Since 1979, Mark Maxwell has come to understand the unique terroir of our limestone hill. And extract every characteristic nuance for every estate wine, regardless of price.

Carved into a limestone hill at the heart of McLaren Vale and etched into its history is the winery, meadery and restaurant: a tribute to one man’s vision and tenacity.


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