Philip Shaw Wines No.89 Shiraz (6 Bottles) Orange

by Oatley Fine Wine Merchants

$284.00 GST Included


Winemaking Notes
Hand harvested
Hand sorted
Fermented in open vats
60% whole bunch to develop interest and texture
30% new French barriques
2% Viognier co-fermented
Malolactic in spring
11months maturation in barriques

Winemakers Tasting Notes
Growing Season 2018:

In 2018 we experienced the driest winter on record. This was followed by a dry and warm spring which set us up for a compressed harvest. We were kissed by a small amount of hail January, but we were just outside the line of fire and did not have any damage as a result. Heat spikes caused some concern during February, however with careful canopy management we were able to evade the effects of sunburn and stress. Overall a year of high quality and fruitful yields.

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Orange, NSW

A cool climate region can be defined as an area with heat degree days of 1600 or less. Cool nights in the growing season, large diurnal variation, long cool autumns and distinct seasons are also key factors in defining a cool climate region.

Orange is one of a handful of regions in Australia that fall into this category. Orange is unique among these regions due to the cool climate being the result of continental conditions rather than latitude.

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