Pierres’s French Sommerlier Wine Club

$300.00 GST Included / 4 months for 12 months

Delight in French wines chosen directly by a French wine expert! Improve the selection of French wine in your cellar. Pierre Stock, owner of PS Wine Selections, will personally select 6 quality French wines 4 times a year. You’ll pay $300 for 6 wines every 4 months. That’s a total of $1,200.00 includes free shipping Australia wide.

Your initial delivery of 6 wines will delivered immediately and thereafter every 4 months. A total of 24 bottles will be delivered for this subscription during the year.

A native of France, Pierre’s expert selection from over 30 French wines will give your wine collection the benefits enjoyed by those in fine dining French restaurants with a sommelier. Each case will comprise a selection of red and white wines to ensure you have different varietals.

About Pierre Stock
Pierre Stock is a director of PS Wine Selections, a distributor of selected French wines. Prior to this, Pierre was the Sommelier at France-Soir Restaurant in South Yarra, Melbourne. If you dined at France-Soir, you’ll know the leather bound wine list is endless! Pierre is an expert in French wine.

Growing up in France, Pierre is now based in Melbourne. He  distributes a prestigious collection representing France’s best vineyards, vignerons and vintages.

Pierre is always happy to discuss  French wines with connoisseurs and those simply wishing to learn more.

We are excited that you’ll be able to enjoy Pierre’s selection of French wines.


PS Wine Selections

At PS Wine Selections, My Love Of Great Wine Means That It Has Always Played A Starring Role In The Story Of my career . Today we are offering An Extensive Cellar That Features A Prestigious Collection Representing France’s Best Vineyards, Vignerons And Vintages.

My favourite suppliers and winemakers are considered my friends, and I are now proud to offer you a selection of wines that not only from an important part of what i import , but wines that you can also buy to enjoy at home.

I offer wines that are close to our hearts, as well as those that are rare and unique and, as always, we take great pride in bringing the very best of France to you.

Pierre Stock, Owner