Temple Bruer Organic Wines 2017 The Agonist Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot – Low Preservative (6 Bottles)



Crimson eclipse | Luna led a celestial quest to find this secret valley; sunlit slopes of thicket kissed by ocean breeze. Blackcurrant beams. Down to earthy aromas of twisted mint and knotted thyme.

McLaren Vale | Organic | Low Preservative | Carbon Neutral | Vegan Friendly

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About Temple Bruer Organic Wines

It may be hard to believe, but we’re still one of the only Australian wineries to be both 100 percent Certified Organic and Carbon Neutral. Our wines have been preservative-free now since 2006 and like we mentioned earlier, our main brag is our focus on hitting the perfect balance between a top quality taste and taking care of Mother Earth.

So…carbon neutrality? How do we do it? Without getting too caught up in complicated science speak, we measure our carbon footprint at each step through keeping track of a wine’s lifecycle from the cradle to gate. We are striving to be a no net emission winery by understanding all our inputs and outputs which helps us understand how many tonnes of e-CO2 is being produced by each of our wines and the processes our team undertakes up until that wine is taken off our hands by those who love to drink it.

It’s naked (our tongue-in-cheek way of saying ‘we’re all natural’) all the way when it comes to management of our vineyards. You’ll find these happy organic soil patches in Langhorne Creek, Eden Valley, Moorook and Loxton, playing host to fruit honoured by handling it as little as possible during the winemaking process.

The end note? Our dedication to sustainable practices isn’t only for the earth. The wines we make and love are bright, well-balanced and kind to your body.

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