Villa Wolf Pinot Noir (6 Bottles) Pfalz, Germany

by CellarHand

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Pinot Noir has a long tradition in the Pfalz region, where it is known as Spätburgunder. Villa Wolf Pinot Noir is warm and medium-bodied, with a firm acid structure. Its bright black-cherry fruit is juicy, ripe, and forward, with a spicy mid-palate. Twelve months of aging in used barriques gives the wine a smoky depth and a nice touch of earthy tannins. It’s an excellent, approachable red wine for everyday dining.


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Our Philosophy

Enjoying a great wine is a unique pleasure. A whole cosmos is reflected in its variety of flavors, from the change of seasons to the unmistakable terroir of a vineyard to the passion of the winemaker. All of the great winemakers I’ve met have a clear vision. They know how their wines should taste before the first grape is even picked. They always let individual terroir triumph over technology. And quality – perfectly ripened grapes – always comes before quantity. Great wines are the result of great passion and dedication to clear convictions that are uncompromisingly realized.

We feel these principles at our two wineries Dr. Loosen on the Moselle and Villa Wolf in the Palatinate. We want to produce wines that seduce you to enjoy, that are concentrated and complex and that unmistakably reflect their origins. I would like to experience the special character of a vintage. This is what sets wine apart from any other drink.

Every great wine is created in the head. But it only proves its true greatness in your glass. I hope you drink our wine with the same pleasure that I make it.
Ernst Loosen


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