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Champagne Henriot Takes Champagne to Another Level

Have you ever wondered why champagne is associated with the celebration of achievement, feeling happy and fulfilled?

Perhaps one of the best insights to this multifaceted experience comes from Champagne Henriot in a recently released 10 minute video about ‘Medi Tasting’ which explains their 10-Minute Mindful Meditation Tastings process. Truly unique, wonderful and insightful for all Champagne lovers. Watch and marvel…

What they dont tell you about French Champagne in Australia?
While we love Cuvée and Sparkling Brut varietals, there really is only Champagne from France which can exhalt our senses above and beyond! Many people in Australia would be surprised to know that Champagne Henriot is one of the Top 10 selling champagnes in Europe. How so I hear you ask?

Alice Tétienne Cellar Master, Champagne Henriot
Meet Alice Tétienne, the Cellar Master at Champagne Henriot, one of the last remaining family-owned Champagne Houses with more than 200 years history. Through her experience, Tétienne has acquired knowledge of all the critical steps to craft Champagne wines, starting from the raw materials, its selection and understanding, to blending and winemaking. One unique aspect of House of Champagne Henriot is they age their champagnes longer than most other houses – 4 to 5 years for the NV Blanc de Blancs verses 18 months. Furthermore, their vintage champagnes are aged for 10 years before release.

Book a Tasting @ Champagne Henriot
I know what you’re thinking! Woah, wouldn’t you like to live here! This is Champagne Henriot and if you’re in the Champagne region in North Eastern France and visiting Riems, why not book Tour and Tasting Champagne Pannier.

The Perfect Gift for ‘That’ Special Occaision
Looking to buy French Champagne to make the moment unforgettable? Champagne Henriot takes it to the next level with its Jardin Blanc de Blancs in Gift Box.