Atze’s Corner The Mob Montepulciano Red Wine (12 Bottles) Barossa Valley

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Single vineyard wines are always produced on a small scale, but our Montepulciano wine is especially exclusive. We only produce 200 dozen bottles of this rare, limited-edition wine.

Our extravagant Montepulciano red wine has a dramatic backstory. In its first year, a group of sheep (affectionately named “The Mob”) squeezed through a hole in the vineyard fence. It was a tragedy for the vines, and it almost proved to be fatal for this tiny patch of the estate. The sheep ravished the entire plot!

Luckily, all was not lost. Three years later, the first crop of grapes to be delivered from these tough young vines ripened, and we soon discovered that they were second to none. (That’s the beauty of growing on ironstone and red clay.) In fact, they were so perfect, we decided to use them for an extra special wine.

We all love our Barossa reds to be deeply coloured, and Montepulciano is no exception. The tone is a deep purple – almost inky. The Atze’s Corner take is full of dark cherries and blackberries. This primary flavour is supported by a spine of fine, savoury tannins, low in acidity but highly aromatic.

The wine’s richness and juicy fruit is clearly Barossa, but in this savoury profile there’s more than a nod to the food-friendly style of Italy. The wine has notes of both spice and pepper – almost a rustic touch, especially when paired with food. Its full-bodied texture is thick, close to syrupy.

Our exclusive Montepulciano wine is a real crowd pleaser with fans of Atze’s Corner. And, it has a history of receiving numerous awards from the experts to back up its world-class pedigree.

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About Atze’s Corner Wines

Atze’s Corner wines are a result of years of dedication working on ancient lands and old vines in the Barossa Valley. We proudly produce exclusive limited edition wines made with minimal intervention from exceptional vineyards. Back in 1847 our ancestors settled in the region and started working on its incredible terroirs. Over a century later, Andy Kalleske took this family passion to the next level. He founded Atze’s Corner Wines in 2005 backed by the rich history of his ancestry and deep appreciation for the winemaking process.

Atze’s Corner Wines (SA) Pty Ltd ABN 79116973025 endorses that wine is consumed responsibly and in moderation. Alcohol cannot be sold, passed on or supplied to persons under the age of 18, Atze’s Corner Wines, Direct Sales license No. 51402483 ,Lot 2 Section 134 Research Rd, Nuriootpa, SA, 5355, is subject to laws of the liquor licensing Act 1997. Wine will not under any circumstances be left at an unattended premises and the delivery of the wine must be signed for by a person over the age of 18. Location 387 Research Road, Nuriootpa, South Australia.


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